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Live like a local

Revelstoke is a great place for your holiday, in summer or winter (even on rainy days!). Whether you would like to explore nature in a peaceful setting or would like to explore Revelstoke’s rich heritage and award winning museums or are looking for dynamic adventures, it’s all here.

Local Area

The History of Revelstoke

A fire swept through the new townsite in May of 1885 leveling many of the buildings, but within two weeks, many of them were rebuilt. When the CPR reached here, they disputed Farwell’s claim to this land and, refusing to deal with Farwell, located their station and yards east of his land. Click here for further reading.

Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie, Judge

Have you ever heard of “the Hanging Judge” and the “Wild West”? That’s what they called Matthew Begbie and the communities he served. He looked the part too – an imposing man at 6’5″ (195 cm), with white hair and a black moustache, who wore his judges robes wherever he held court. But only 27 of the 52 murder cases he heard in the history of the colony ended in hangings – and hanging was the punishment required by law for the crime of murder at that time, so if the verdict was “guilty” the judge didn’t have any choice. Click here for further reading.

Nels Nelsen

In February 1916, Nels Nelsen broke the world record by jumping 183 feet on the Revelstoke ski jump. Click here for further reading.

Last Spike (Canadian Pacific Railway)

Lord Strathcona drove the last spike and marked the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway on November 7, 1885. This point marks an important landmark in the history of the railways in Canada and also symbolizes the national unity since the railroad links east and west Canada. Click here for further reading.

Columbia River

The Columbia originates in two lakes that lie between the Continental Divide and Selkirk mountain ranges in British Columbia. The river’s course is convoluted. It flows north for its first 200 or more miles, then it turns south and runs to the international border. Click here for further reading.

Albert Bowman Rogers

Major A. B. Rogers was hired in April 1881 by the railway company to find the Rogers Pass with the promise of having the pass named after him and a $5000 bonus. Walter Moberly had discovered Eagle Pass just to the west, and based on suggestions in Moberly’s reports, Rogers started out from what is now Revelstoke, up the Illecillewaet River. Running out of food, Rogers and his party almost reached the summit but turned back feeling reasonably confident that a pass existed. Click here for further reading.

Local Area